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Art Deco in Review 2020

A pictorial book of events taken during the 2020 Napier Art Deco Festival

Review from Michael Fowler

Chair, Art Deco Trust Inc

"The Napier Art Deco Festival had its beginnings when a founding committee member of the Art Deco Trust, Roger Morris, suggested in late 1988 that an Art Deco Weekend should be held along the lines of the one held in Miami Beach, Florida. Everyone on the committee agreed and so Napier Art Deco Weekend (as it was then) was born.


Today, we now hold the Napier Art Deco Festival over five days, boasting over two hundred individual events, and attracting around 40,000 people from New Zealand and around the globe. This event has been a highlight festival for Hawke’s Bay and a New Zealand Events award winner. It continues to be an international picture of glamour, influential design and the colour of a bygone era. You can’t help but feel the excitement and fun when you look through this book and see just some of the revellers attending the 2020 Napier Art Deco Festival. Art Deco fever is prevalent in all ages and cultures, a collaboration of active remembrance of a vibrant period marred by the 1931 Napier Earthquake.


This is a great snapshot of the 2020 Art Deco Festival, a keepsake to share the celebration and wonder of the Art Deco era."


About the book

Art Deco In Review 2020 is the first in a brand new series that will document the Napier Art Deco Weekend festival. It is a pictorial book of events taken during the festival held from the 19–23 February 2020, with all photography taken by Max Patmoy.

This beautiful book is a wonderful keepsake and snapshot of the most recent Art Deco Festival – and you may even find yourself upon its pages!

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Photography by Max Patmoy

Max Patmoy has been a participant in Art Deco Weekends for more years than he wishes to remember. In later years he has adopted the persona of Charlie Chapman endearing himself to tourists and, when in character, ruffling the feathers of locals.


These days Max isn’t able to get up to some of the hijinks that Charlie used to and has found a new passion in photography. He realises that his photographs are not staged and stunning, but rather encapsulates the fun and frivolity of an Art Deco Festival in Napier. 


We couldn’t fit all of Max’s marvellous photos into this book, but you can view an unpublished selection in our 2020 Gallery on this website.

Where can I buy it?

You will be able to find Art Deco In Review in the Art Deco store on Tennyson Street, online and in other good bookstores in and around Hawke's Bay.

Where To Buy
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